Suspended Permanent Magnetic Drum (Fruitful MetaBall Drum)
These drums offer the highest level of magnetic strength and are appropriate for many different applications,
including scrap processing, auto shredding, mining, aggregate, or anywhere large volumes of metal need to be

Meatball Drums are engineered for maximum Meatball Extraction using the strongest Super-Energy Rare
Earth Neodymium Iron Boron Permanent Magnets, installed in optimized magnetic circuits. In
36"-48"-60"-72" widths and matching Drum diameters. The Drums are DIRECT, Belt or Chain Driven. The
frames shown are mostly for Shipping purposes.

Self-Cleaning Permanent Magnet
Made of high-power Rare Earth (NdFeB). Equipped with Nord gear motor and tough rubber cleaning belt.
Optional chain-transmission motor, shaft-mount motor and hydraulic drive.