Electro Lifting Magnet
Fruitful produces electro lifting magnets for transporting billets (cool or hot), bundles of steel wires, steel sheets, steel profiles, ingots (cool or hot), steel balls, steel strips. Fruitful also produces electro lifting magnets for diving water applications, and working with backhoe car and excavators and other kinds of engineering machines, for high temperature use of 700 Celsius. Equipped with control. Optional batteries back-up system.

1. Equipped with polar expansions on the sealing-ends and the poles are machined allowing a perfect contact with the wire rod product.
2. Computer-optimized magnetic circuit, deep and highly permeable penetration magnetic field.
3. High-quality Aluminum winding with top-performance reinforced insulation epoxy, isolation class of H.
4. Wide cross section and low density of current so as to reduce the overheating because of Joule effect.
5. Includes and locks the whole electrical winding and protects it against mechanical shocks caused by heavy duty working conditions.
6. Internally filled with special mixture with high dielectric insulation properties and high thermal dispersion coefficient.
7. Lower bottom is made up of non-magnetic and wear-resistant 14% Manganese steel.
8. The electrical connecting terminals, the electrical supply cable terminal screws and the earth terminal are situated in the terminal box. Itís reinforced and sealed by cover with a waterproof neoprene joint.
9. Panasonic back-up batteries can last durable for providing reliable power back-up of 15 minutes in case of electrical power supply breakdown.
10. IP55 control panel with open-cover-reset function.